Giving Blogger a try again

I've decided to experiment with Blogger again after being out of touch with Blogger for the past 2 years.

Currently having purchase a Samsung mobile phone and realised how easily to use and run Google related apps on the Andriod device.

Today, I've taken some time to configure the layout of all my blogs, as well as the sidebars.

No doubt, I still find that there are some functions that I can easily customise in Wordpress but not in Blogger. Examples:
  1. Placement of Adsense ads. In Wordpress it is easy to customise the placement of ads. There are even plugins to perform the function
  2. More control over the layout for those who are HTML challenged. There are countless free and free templates available in Wordpress that is good and ready to use
  3. Easier comment moderation- there are plugins (for self hosted Wordpress blogs) to improve the overall user experience.
  4. Cannot upload formats like pdf as Blogger does not support that format
  5. Less control because you can't really control what you do not own
However Blogger does have its advantages:
  1. Need not pay hosting fee
  2. Good for those who want to try out
  3. Can buy a domain name and Blogger will host it for you
  4. If you know programming, you can still perform your own customization on the layout.
  5. Blogger blogs are mobile friendly. In my opinion they look great and easy to navigate on mobile phones/ tablets.
This is part of my experimentation. I've removed the previous 3 column format that I've used and replace it with a standard blogger template. Then I've chosen to monetize the site and added the option to put in ads below the post and at the sidebar.

I have read in most blogs that the Adsense codes can be parse the Adsense codes. Well, I shall not want to go into that as I am allowed to insert codes in my other self-hosted blogs without much issue.
Would place the ads only at the sidebars and the bottom of the posts.

Let's see how things go. 


This Blog will be Moving to its New Home at http://life.yinteing.com/

Dear visitors,

Yes, it's an irony after posting an article on Blogspot vs Paid-Domain Name- which one is better? and indicating my support for Blogger, I am now moving my entire blog to a paid domain name.

I have really wanted to stay with Blogger but find that the limitations placed does not enable my blog to grow. I wanted more control with the layout, fonts, sidebars - and I could not get it. Finally I gave up. If you noticed, I've tried to make my template different (by adding a 3rd column) and other features which I got from tutorials from the net. I've also wanted the function to be able to truncate posts- as you noticed, the front page does not display the entire post and have the option 'Click to Read More..'. Unfortunately, the tutorial that I've acquired through the net had serious bugs in it- and after the feature is added- it sometimes causes the entire blog not being displayed correctly. That was the final straw and last Friday, 19 September 08, I purchased my own domain name and paid for my web hosting. The page template and theme is by Wordpress and it is free.

Migrating a blog is a lot of hardwork- I am in the midst of doing for my health blog. I've writen this in greater detail in my Welcome Post of my new blog <----do click on the link to read further. But one thing I can say, the hardwork is worth it. If you are thinking about whether to migrate, you will be able to read my personal experience from there.

All my future posts will be posted at http://life.yinteing.com/ after this post. This will be my final post at this blog. Thank you for all your visits and I sincerely hope with the new site, you will find your navigation much easier.


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