I have 2 blogs and I am shifting both of these blogs (lock, stock and barrel) from Blogger to my own domain.

Jottings Straight from the Heart ---soon to be moved to http://life.yinteing.com/
In this blog I write about anything from life experiences, career, travel, choices in life, etc.

Recently I am writing about blogging, after realising that most of my friends are not bloggers- and I want to introduce them to the joys of blogging. I plan to introduce more articles related to freelancing, entrepreneurship and work life wisdom which are topics that I feel strongly about. I've worked for 9 years in a demanding and competitive environment, in one of the leaders in the industry (at least in Malaysia). Even though I am considered to be successful in my career, I've finally made the decision to take a break from the 'rat race' and devote the next few months just researching and writing- something that I really believe in.

HEALTH BLOG (updated Sept 08)
This blog started one year later after the blog above. OriginallyI started this blog to document my journey to beat sugar addiction. I realised that I was gaining weight despite exercising, suffering from chronic fatigue (that robs my life of quality) and suffer from food cravings (for the wrong kind of food). So I made the decision to put up this blog with my real name and with my friends knowing about it as a challenge. Further details are in "My Story".

I've came a long way since starting the blog in April 07- my interest lead me to read up books, websites and magazines on sensible eating and exercises. After overcoming most of my problems as well as other chronic health problems through exercise and sensible eating, I felt healthy lifestyle change can really make a difference and give quality of life back. So many problems and issues such as IBS, lower back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, being overweight, stress can be sustantially reduced with a proper exercise program and good eating choices. What initially drive me to spend hours and late nights (that spilled into mornings) researching and writing health articles is because many people I care about suffer from so much of health ailments- from arthritis, depression to cancer.

When I find that what I've read from many sources sometimes carry conflicting information, I decided to take up a certification course from ACE (American Council on Exercise) because I wanted a solid foundation. I would recommend ACE or ACSM certified courses to anyone who is serious and commitment towards health and fitness.

The blog is the result of sharing what I know and what I've learned.

How to Navigate the Site
You can identify which site or blog you are in through the banners that you find on the top of the page. I've also included various categories of subjects that I write about under "Topics". You can also try to search on specific topics.

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Last Update: 22 September 08

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